Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw is a ‘much-loved queen’, says the Daily Star

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Daily Star couldn’t help but use an old cliché in its story about Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw’s encounter with the Queen.

It mentioned how the breakfast show host was “snubbed” by Her Majesty during her visit to New Broadcasting House last year with an intro beginning: “You’d think Nick Grimshaw and Her Majesty would get on well, seeing as they’re both well-respected and much-loved queens.”

It appears the paper felt the word “queen” could adequately remind its readers that Grimshaw is gay.

It then featured a quote from the DJ who said: “The Queen did not like me. I was told: ‘Don’t speak to her unless she speaks to you.’

“But I was also told she would speak to me, and she didn’t. It went on like this for a while, so I went: ‘You all right? You having a nice day?’

“She just pulled a face at me.

“It was basically just me staring at the Queen after that.”