RuPaul’s Drag Race star Farrah Moan showered with love by fellow queens after coming out as trans

Farrah Moan, pictured at a red carpet event.

Drag Race queens from across the show’s herstory are showering drag star, makeup artist and model Farrah Moan with praise after she came out as trans.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine queen cried tears of joy after speaking her truth in an interview with drag star (and season 14 queen) Maddy Morphosis on the Thursday (21 December) episode of Give it To Me Straight.

“It was a forever-coming,” Farrah told Maddy. “The times in my life where I tried to suppress my trans identity, it was because I felt if I ever did it, I would never be on Drag Race, I’d never be successful.

“Back in my day, the trans people that were brave enough to be open and out were very ostracised from society, in my perception.”

Farrah said she had been transitioning “unbeknown to my following” since 2019, and described presenting as male during her transition as “more like drag than having to do drag”.

“Trying to figure out how to be a cute boy was so much harder for me and came so much more unnaturally, to the point where I was like, ‘I wish I could just go out in drag right now’,” she revealed.

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The emotional interview was praised by fans and Drag Race stars alike, with hundreds showing their support for the All Stars season four alumni.

Fellow Drag Race season nine contestant and All Stars season five winner Shea Couleé pledged her unwavering support in a post on X/Twitter, writing: “Love you so much Farrah.”

While Drag Race season two contestant and the show’s first transgender queen to win a US season of the show, Kylie Sonique Love, said: “Love love love watching [your] interview and hearing your story. So much respect for you.”

Season five’s Jade Jolie also posted a message of love and solidarity, writing “love you so much” to which Farrah responded in kind.

‘It was always there, I just needed to feel free’

In a subsequent post on X/Twitter, Farrah Moan thanked Maddy Morphosis for “giving me a safe space to share my story” and expressed her gratitude those who had shown support.

“I have been in tears today from all the sweet messages and I feel so free. Thanks again everyone, I love [you],” she gushed.

During the interview, Farrah said that her daily anxiety levels “are much lower” since coming out to her friends and family.

“I don’t feel panicked about it anymore,” she explained. “I feel proud of who I am, and at 30 years old, I’m actually just so thankful for that, because I never thought I would.”

She added that, while it took a while for her feelings to click, she could recall her feelings about her true identity from as early as three years old.

“It was always there. I just needed to feel free,” Farrah said.

Since competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race, several drag queens have come out as their true selves, with the latest being Adore Delano who announced her identity in July. Other stars include Laganja Estranja and Gigi Goode.