UK: Police appeal for help after lesbian attacked by homophobic thugs in Leicestershire

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Police have appealed for help finding the men who brutally attacked a lesbian hear her home in Leicestershire.

Kerry Byrnes, 23, was walking home after a night out last Saturday, when two men came up behind her and began spouting anti-gay abuse.

Ms Byrnes says she was hit in the face by one of the men, and after that she can’t remember much, but has been left with horrific injuries.

She said: “I heard one of them say ‘that’s the one that works on fruit and veg in Tesco, that’s the lesbian’.

“And then the punch came out of nowhere and I hit the floor. They just started hitting me in the head and I lost consciousness.

“I haven’t left the house since it happened – I’m too scared to go out. I’ve never suffered homophobic bullying like this.

“I’ve no idea who they are, I really get on with everyone here. I was just a couple of minutes from my house and that’s one of the scariest things.”

Both men are described as white, in their 20s and about 5’7″ tall, and one had spiky blonde hair.

A police spokesperson said: “This was a nasty assault which resulted in the victim receiving hospital treatment and she has been left badly shaken up.

“If you were in Oakham on Saturday night or the early hours of Sunday morning and you saw these men, or you think you know who they are, please contact us.”