Equality Network: How will Scottish independence impact on LGBT rights?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Scotland’s Equality Network has called on the country’s main political parties to outline how the independence question could impact on LGBT rights.

The Equality Network has a neutral stance on the question of the independence referendum, but said it’s committed to engaging with parties and organisations on both sides of the debate on behalf of Scottish LGBT voters.

The campaign group said it wanted to ensure that LGBTI people in Scotland have the most information possible about the impact that either outcome could have on equality and human rights.

It will be publishing its responses from the parties on 10 September.

The Scottish Parliament currently has devolved powers over some, but not all, areas affecting LGBT equality.

It has powers over areas including justice, family law, education, health, and can decide how it spends its block grant from the UK Government.

It does not have control over constitutional issues, equality law, foreign affairs, asylum policy, or the overall level of the block grant it gets, all of which remain reserved powers of the UK Parliament.

Support for Scottish independence has risen eight points in a month, according to a new poll.

The No camp are now six points ahead of the Yes campaign, down from 14 points in mid-August and 22 points early last month, excluding undecided voters.

The latest YouGov poll found that, excluding ”don’t knows”, 53% of those questioned planned to vote No, while 47% would back Yes.

This compares to 57% for No and 43% for Yes in mid-August and 61% for No and 39% for Yes at the beginning of last month.