NYC pastor: Michael Sam could marry a 9-year-old boy

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A New York pastor has warned that openly gay NFL star Michael Sam could marry a 9-year-old boy.

Pastor James David Manning, of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, made the claim in a video.

He ranted: “Mark my words, like Michael Sam and others, someone is going to take a 9-year-old boy to an Arabic nation, to a nation without power to retort, marry that 9-year-old and come in through Ellis Island and through customs.

“New York state will have to recognise that marriage because under the law you can marry who you will, and marriage in another state must be recognised.”

Contrary to the pastor’s claim, Michael Sam is dating swimming star Vito Cammisano, who he met at university.

Speaking about the relationship previously, Sam said: ““We didn’t start off as huge fans of each other [but] Vito was really the person who showed me I had to [come out].

“I wanted us to be comfortable.”

Manning claimed last month that Vladimir Putin is planning to out Barack Obama as a gay man within 100 days – 62 days remain before his deadline.

He also previously urged people to take their children out of schools to avoid the “demonic homosexual mafia” making them gay.

Watch the clip via Right Wing Watch below: