Benjy the ‘gay’ bull arrives at animal sanctuary after rescue from slaughter

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A ‘gay’ bull who was rescued from slaughter by the co-creator of the Simpsons has arrived at an animal sanctuary in Norwich.

A farmer in Ireland said earlier this month that he would send Benjy – who he had purchased as a breeding bull – to the slaughterhouse for showing more interest in other bulls than with cows.

A campaign to rescue him from the fate attracted support online – though some were critical of spending money rehoming a bull instead of putting it towards human LGBT issues.

However, Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon – a renowned philanthropist who has given away “most” of his money after being diagnosed with a terminal illness – stumped up the full £5,000 cost of the fee to move Benjy to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich.


Benjy finally arrived at the sanctuary today, and has settled in – though the first order of business is his castration.

Sam Simon told PETA: “I believe in compassion and empathy for all living beings – regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or species.

“All animals have a dire destiny in the meat and dairy industries, but for Benjy to have been killed because of his sexual orientation would have been a double tragedy.”

“My health won’t allow me to travel to the UK to see Benjy in his new home, but it thrills me to know that his fate is a sanctuary rather than a sandwich.

“And yes, I did hear that he will be neutered once arriving at the sanctuary. Sanctuaries exist to help animals in need – not to breed more animals, so it only makes sense that they don’t want to take any risks.”