Christian B&B owners who refused gay couple claim ‘ignorance’ is eroding marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A pair of Christian B&B owners who famously turned away a gay couple have claimed that “ignorance” is responsible for eroding ‘traditional’ marriage.

Civil partners Martin Hall and Steven Preddy were turned away from the Chymorvah Hotel near Penzance in 2008, under Peter and Hazelmary Bull’s policy of not allowing unmarried couples to share rooms.

The Bulls were involved in a long-running legal battle following the incident, but the UK Supreme Court rejected their appeal last year.

This week the couple claimed “ignorance” was destroying ‘traditional’ marriage in a video for the Christian Institute to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Hazelmary Bull said: “I do believe the facts, the studies and the surveys that have been done, and they all say, they all put a positive spin on traditional marriage, that especially children do far better in every area of their lives if they have at home a mum and a dad.

“I believe in that family group, I believe it was Heaven-sent, and I am sorry to see it being so eroded these days.

“I actually believe that it’s being eroded out of ignorance, because people are not being taught that God set the whole thing up in the first place, and that he delights in it.”

Hazelmary Bull recently spoke at UKIP Party Conference.

Watch the clip below: