US Queer as Folk creators ‘open’ to revival

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The creators of the US version of Queer as Folk have hinted that they would consider reviving the series – focussing on a younger generation.

The original Channel 4 series ran for two years in the UK in 1999, while the US Showtime adaptation aired for five years.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter to celebrate ten years since the US show ended, showrunners Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman signalled their interest in bringing it back to screens.

Daniel Lipman said: “We’d be open to it, depending on the venue of a reboot.

“I think what would be interesting would be to explore our characters who are now in their 40s and bringing in a new generation and seeing how that mix would go.

“As an example, we were talking if Gus — Brian and Lindsay’s child who is now say, 17, the age that Justin was — and if he was gay. How different his views would be from his father.

“That kind of thing would be an interesting thing to explore. People who are now mid-teens and 20s and possibly in their 30s have a very different view of what it’s like being gay.

“It’s not that way all over the country but certainly in a more sophisticated place but where you’re educated and brought up, there’s a much different view of being gay than when Ron and I were younger and how people perceived being gay.

“For me, in the 70s when I was in my 20s, that was a time where gay people were really establishing themselves and people were coming out at the same time as feminism. It was an explosive time.”

Cowan added: “It would be interesting to see the next generation and see how people chose to assimilate.”

A character from the UK version of Queer as Folk recently made a surprise appearance in Russell T Davies’ series Cucumber.