Queer As Folk’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo opens up shared universe with UK original

Devin Way as Brodie, Johnny Sibilly as Noah in Queer as Folk.

A blink-and-you’ll miss it cameo in the US reboot of Queer As Folk opens up the series to its own multiverse of madness, the show’s director has confirmed.

Trailblazing drama series Queer As Folk was originally created by Russell T Davies in the late 90s and was set in Manchester, UK. A US version would spin-off in the early-00s, which would go on to be rebooted for 2022 on Peacock.

In the season one finale of the most recent reboot, Brodie [Devin Way] is swiping through Grindr when he comes across the profile of Nathan Maloney – played by Charlie Hunnam in the Davies’ original.

Speaking about what the easter egg means, Stephen Dunn told Digital Spy: “I love Charlie Hunnam, and I think he did such an amazing job. 

“Yeah, that is definitely a nod, and we will see what happens with that. I can’t really say anything.”

Dunn and Davies have spoken about the show before, as Dunn had to ask for permission to produce the show reboot.

“I was in London, working on another project,” he explained, “and I found out that the rights had reverted back to Russell from the US. So I was like: ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to try and reach out, and set up a meeting, and get on a train to Manchester.’ 

“Thankfully, he said yes to this crazy kid. He saw my movie, Closet Monster, and agreed to meet.

“He really connected, I guess, with the vision of the show, specifically centring on a show about the community rebuilding, and saw this as a way to expand on the legacy of the series.”
Dunn previously told the RadioTimes that Davies was so involved in the early inception of the reboot that he would send over scripts for feedback.

“It allowed us to make it our own; to make this a fresh, new story that is paying homage and respect and love to his original,” Dunn explained.

Whether fans of the original Queer As Folk will see callbacks and cameos in the future remains to be seen – but this first step opens the next season up to a realm of possibilities.