Watch: Supreme Court marriage case gets rap send-up

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Video-makers have created a rap tribute to the US Supreme Court, following a ruling on same-sex marriage.

The nine Justices ruled last month in Obergefell v Hodges, finding by 5-4 that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right in all 50 states.

The case wasn’t without drama, with blistering dissents from some of the conservative justices, and complaints from anti-gay activists as liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continued to officiate same-sex weddings.

In a new video from comedy YouTube channel See U Next Tuesday, the drama of the case is captured through a parody of Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Paradise – with the 82-year-old Ginsburg in the lead role.

Living up to her nickname ‘Notorious RBG’, she raps: “Check it out I’m the notorious RBG mofos, and I came to rule the day, I made gay marriage legal with my gavel in hand, all across the USA.

“With my black-robed crew judgin’ false from true, we made love the law of the land. Love wins the day is what the country does say, and oppression we will not stand.”

When the ultra-conservative Justice Antonin Scalia turns up screaming “jiggery-pokery” – as he did in his actual dissent – Ginsburg quietens him with a gavel.

It’s not the first musical tribute to the defender of equality, with opera Scalia/Ginsburg exploring the relationship between the two judges on polar opposite ends of the court.

Natalie Portman is also set to play Ginsburg, who was the first Jewish and second female Supreme Court justice, in an upcoming film revolving around her battles on equality cases.

(h/t JoeMyGod)