Sponsored: Meet the clairvoyant who claims she knows your sexuality before you do 

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If you have ever wanted to know what the future might hold, natural clairvoyant and medium, Maria Taylor might be able to help. Maria is Bournemouth’s premier clairvoyant, but offers her services to anyone who calls, at a non-premium rate.

PinkNews caught up with Maria about how she found her clairvoyance, what her job involves and the types of people she has been able to help.

Her services might not be what you expect – avoiding crystal balls, and black cats, Maria aims to offer more of a life guidance service. On what she does day-to-day Maria told PinkNews: “I deal with a whole range of issues.  It can be anything from a work problem, to exams, a relationship, a career problem or a sexuality concern. I am there to give clarity.”

One of her skills, Maria says, is having an insight into someone’s sexuality before they have come to terms with it. “A lot of my client base is gay. Sometimes I will deal with clients that have perhaps not comfortably settled within or come to terms with their sexuality, by looking at them and being in their energy I am able to gain an insight.

“I am quite a direct person, but with sensitivity and compassion, as I am not here to judge anybody.

“It does not make a difference to me, but it makes a big difference to that person individually.

“Sometimes, for them, it’s just a relief for somebody they do not know to say ‘Look, I know, I can see this and it is fine,’.”

Explaining how a one to one session works, she says: “I usually ask people to bring a piece of jewellery with them that they wear on a regular basis. I do psychometry where by holding a piece of a person’s jewellery I can gain lot of information about that person and about their energy too.

“I also see auras, so I always ask people if they would mind me taking a look at their aura, most people are quite agreeable and happy for me to do that”.


Maria Taylor is Bournemouth’s premier clairvoyant

Continuing, she said: “I also use other tools such as Tarot cards, Angel cards and crystals.”

Maria takes her service very seriously; she is also a qualified holistic therapist, crystal healer and spiritual counsellor. She states that she is not a doctor, and would not offer advice on serious medical conditions which could lead to a client making a bad decision.

“We have to be extremely careful about things relating to health. People do often ask questions about health and I think in a broader sense that’s absolutely fine,” she went on.

“I am able to look into somebody’s aura and say “You have a problematic knee, a bad back or ‘you may need to consider a visit to the dentist’, whatever the case might be. Health and medical conditions are an area that you have to tread carefully with.”

Predictions Maria has made have helped her son avoid physical confrontation after she warned him against travelling to France, she says she knew who was going to win this year’s general election, and what sex the royal baby would be. Maria is not about making grand predictions and is honest about her limitations. She says: “There are a lot of clairvoyants out there who focus on that kind of thing, I do not see it as anything I feel too much time needs dedicating to.

“I tend not to work predictively in the wider world as I believe there is a big X Factor out there and outcomes largely depend on peoples’ free will, choices and decisions, at times anything can happen.”

Having become aware of her talents at a young age, Maria said it took her quite a while to get used to it. She said:  “I was actually seeing things and seeing people that had passed over and since I was a child, from about aged nine onwards.

“I remember saying to my mum, ‘I saw gran’”, after she had passed over and my mum saying “Don’t be so silly”.

“I grew up in quite a strict, Catholic, religious household, so seeing spirit or people that had passed away were not really talked about or the done thing”.

“I subsequently found out many years later that my mum had also seen all of the things I used to talk about. My mum was actually very psychic, but was very frightened of her gifts due to her religion.”

Maria spoke about struggling to deal with being clairvoyant, saying she was “terrified” of it in her teenage years. “When I was seventeen, it took over in a really big way. I was absolutely terrified of it and honestly, I thought I was going nuts,” she said.

“I took myself off to the doctors and said ‘I have got voices in my head’. They did tests and said I was fine! “Quite honestly I was just too young, too emotionally immature and too scared to deal with it. I tried very hard to shut it all off and block it out. I worked very hard to close it off for a long time, and while it was very much still there in the background it was not something I wanted to acknowledge, live with or deal with.”

Later in her twenties, Maria said she came to terms with her psychic abilities and decided to work with them, understand and develop them rather than trying to fight against them. “When I hit my late twenties, everything came back again with a vengeance after my own mother passed away and I decided this was the time to work with it and deal with what was happening to me.” Maria explains that “I am not one of those psychics that sits over a crystal ball and makes stupid predictions. Readings are very personal and they are focused on the individual’s situation and circumstances. This can relate to an individual’s past, present and future where relevant. They aim to provide insight into a person’s life, help with any difficulties, guidance in moving forwards and empowerment to make necessary changes.”

Speaking to PinkNews, the Clairvoyant’s Manager said the best way to contact her is by telephone.

She said: “Maria can arrange to do one to one readings by appointment. Telephone readings are also very popular. People can call from anywhere either on their landline or mobile. Readings over the telephone can be cost effective for the client especially if they live away from the Bournemouth area. Maria also offers Skype and FaceTime. These ways of having a reading are also great for disabled people who cannot get to see her on a traditional one to one basis She is also available for party or group bookings. She can also be contacted via Facebook and Twitter.

Her mobile number is 07941 206176. Maria does not work to time limits and allows for this within her readings. She will spend the time necessary with her clients” depending on their needs or situation.”

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