‘Maluma is bisexual’ insists clairvoyant who claims on live TV she’s read his WhatsApp messages with her mind

Maluma bisexual

Maluma is bisexual! That’s according to an Instagram clairvoyant who claimed that she knows this because she read his WhatsApp messages with her mind.

Mhoni Vidente made the bizarre claims about the Columbian singer during an appearance on Mexican talkshow Aqui Contigo (Here With You), where she alleged that Maluma is having a secret love affair with Jennifer Lopez and that he’s also hooking up with an unnamed male lover.

Vidente, who has almost one million followers on Instagram, said: “Maluma fell very much in love with Jennifer Lopez”.

She went on to claim that they are having a “secret affair” and that Maluma was attracted to Lopez “because she is a 51-year-old woman”.

Maluma is bisexual and is having not one, but two love affairs, according to Instagram clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente.

To make things even more bizarre, Vidente went on to claim that Maluma and Lopez frequently discuss their love for each other on the phone and over WhatsApp – because, as a clairvoyant, she obviously knows these things.

But Lopez isn’t Maluma’s only love interest, Vidente claimed. She added: “Maluma is bisexual. He is with someone from Columbia who is also a singer.”

If Vidente’s claims are true, we are frankly amazed that Maluma can maintain a successful music career while also having not one, but two separate love affairs with two singers who live in two separate countries in the middle of a global pandemic.

Maluma is straight, just in case you were wondering.

Vidente’s truly bizarre claims come just months after Maluma clarified that he is straight, denying – as many queer fans had hoped – that he had any sexual interest in men.

During an Instagram live question and answer session in February, the “11 PM” singer said that if he were gay, he would have come out already.

If I were gay, I would have already spoken about it.

The Colombian hitmaker told his 49 million followers: “People are stupid, aren’t they?

“Yes, that is, how can they say I’m gay?”

He continued: “If I were gay, I would have already spoken about it.”

“The one who said that I am gay, lend me your girlfriend to see how gay I am.”