Pastor fighting LGBT rights law prays for Mayor of Houston to be ‘cured’ of homosexual evil

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A pastor opposing an LGBT rights law in Houston has rallied against the city’s lesbian Mayor, calling for God to “free” her from her “condition”.

The city has faced a protracted battle over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance – which provides basic protections for LGBT workers.

After a sustained scaremongering campaign, religious activists went to court to force a ballot on the law – which will take place on Tuesday.

Speaking at the World Congress of Families convention of listed hate groups, hosted in Salt Lake City this week, Houston Pastor Dave Welch prayed that the city’s lesbian Mayor Annise Parker was cured and “turned from darkness”.
Pastor fighting LGBT rights law prays for Mayor of Houston to be ‘cured’ of homosexual evil

Pastor Dave Welch rambled: “Why would we expect someone to live lawfully when they are living lawlessly.

“The mayor who lied about everything from the beginning… she literally is one of those who is caught in the darkness of her snare and her condition.

“We do pray for her… that God delivers her and lets her free from that. But we’re going to make sure she’s not Mayor of Houston anymore!”

He added: “Here’s the bottom line for us today, I believe as we go forward in what we do next. We need to remember as we are facing the enemy, if you will, that the enemy that we are really up against we can’t see.

“Those that we can see are caught in the snares of deception and are being used as pawns for the real enemy.

“We must love them enough to speak truth to them, with clarity, with consistency, with boldness, and with love. That is the only hope they have to be free.”

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