Republican preacher hits out at ‘demonic’ lesbian Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot

A former Republican candidate has hit out at the Chicago’s lesbian mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot for a “satanic, demonic” speech celebrating inclusivity.

E.W. Jackson, who was the Republican Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2013, hit out at Lightfoot after her victory in the April 2 runoff election.

In her victory speech, the lesbian politician said her victory proved Chicago was “a city where it doesn’t matter what colour you are, where it sure doesn’t matter how tall you are, and where it doesn’t matter who you love.”

Republican hits out at Lori Lightfoot for ‘demonic twisting of language’

Speaking on radio show The Awakening on April 3, Jackson said the mayor-elect’s comments are “a satanic, demonic twisting of language.”

The Conservative pastor commentator said: “Chicago just elected a lesbian woman, and she got up and said, ‘We’re showing the world it doesn’t matter who you love.’

“I almost get nauseous every time I hear that because we know that’s a euphemism for, ‘It doesn’t matter who you have sex with.'”

He added: “They’re not talking about love, they’re talking about who you have sex with. And specifically, they’re saying it doesn’t matter if you have sex with someone of the same gender.

“The euphemism is just disgusting. It really is, because this is a satanic, demonic twisting of language.”

Jackson claimed: “God does care about that and therefore, we care, particularly when you want to enshrine it in public policy.”

Former Republican candidate E.W. Jackson hit out at Lori Lightfoot

Former Republican candidate E.W. Jackson

Addressing Lightfoot, he continued: “[You] are taking the hands of every taxpayer and putting our hands in your filth. You are making us complicit in the wrong, the defilement that you are doing.

“Give me a break with that nonsensical, demonic twisting of the language. It’s not about who you love, it’s about who you have sex with. That’s what they’re talking about, and specifically about having sex with people of the same gender.

“And yes, we do care, because God cares. If God calls it an abomination, it’s an abomination.”

Lori Lightfoot: We will celebrate differences

Lightfoot had marked her win with a powerful speech in which she was joined on stage by her wife and daughter.

In the speech, she said there were children out there witnessing her election and seeing the beginning of something “a little bit different.”

Lightfoot said: “In the Chicago we will build together, we will celebrate our differences. We will embrace our uniqueness. And we will make certain that we all have every opportunity to succeed.

“Every child out there should know this: Each of you, one day, can be the Mayor of Chicago.”

Lightfoot takes office on May 20.