Trans woman sent to men’s prison secures early release

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Tara Hudson, a transgender woman who was originally sent to a men’s prison to serve a 12 week sentence, has secured an early release.

According to the Bath Chronicle Hudsons mother Jackie Brooklyn has confirmed that she will be released from Eastwood Park prison this Thursday (Dec 3rd).

Hudson will have served half of her 12 week sentance

“I think it’s done her quite good because hopefully she’s had time to reflect,” Ms Brooklyn told the Bath Chronicle.

“I just don’t want her to drink again because drinking can cause loads of trouble. It’s a very dangerous substance.”

It had been reported that Hudson assaulted a bar manager in her home town of Bath.

Hudson was originally sent to serve her sentence in Bristol Prison, an all male facility.

However, after a petition reached over 150,000 signatures and many prominent MP’s and transgender activists spoke out the decision was made to relocate Hudson to an all female facility where she was kept ‘separated’ from the main prison population.

The case of Tara Hudson was also raised during the Women and Equalities select committee’s inquiry on transgender equality by Hudsons MP Ben Howlett.

The Ministry of Justice released a statement confirming that the policy on where to place transgender prisoners was already under review.

The prison service currently determines placement of transgender prisoners based on ownership of a Gender Recognition Certificate, which Hudson does not have.

Last month the Women and Equalities select committee heard oral evidence from trans people calling the current process for being awarded a Gender Recognition Certificate “humiliating” and “incredibly stressful”.

Trans woman sent to men’s prison secures early release

Earlier this month trans prisoner Vicky Thompson was found dead in her cell after she was also sent to a male facility. She also did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate .