George Takei: Donald Trump will make America disgraced again

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The acting legend has hit out at the Republican presidential frontrunner.

George Takei is the latest star to react to Donald Trump’s highly controversial plan to ban all Muslims from the United States.

Trump has compared his proposal to the internment of Japanese-Americans throughout the Second World War.

George Takei: Donald Trump will make America disgraced again

During that time, Japanese-Americans were forced to live in camps, something Trump has claimed was a “necessary national security measure.”

Many other Americans, however, view the period as a shameful chapter in US history – especially those were forced to live in such camps.

George Takei was one such American.

Appearing on MSNBC, he has warned Trump not to make the same “disgraceful” mistake of his predecessors.

“‘Get rid of the Japs’ was the most popular political issue of the time,” the gay rights activist told interviewers.

“They didn’t recognise the fact that two-thirds of us were American citizens.”

“We were Americans, and yet they thought that we had an organic, genetic loyalty to the emperor,” he added.

“And so we were all imprisoned, with no charges. It was the most unconstitutional act, and President Ronald Reagan, in 1988, apologised for that.”

However, the Star Trek star says Trump’s proposal on to take the same approach to the Muslim population “will make his logo ‘America Disgraced Again.’”

The Republican frontrunner has been branded a “dangerous extremist” by opponents for his claims – after saying that Muslim-Americans should be forced to wear ID badges, while foreign Muslims are banned from travelling to the US altogether.

His plans have also warranted an vast array of criticism from those across the world.

In an unusual move for a UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has called Trump’s suggestion of a ban “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong”.

JK Rowling has also attacked the business tycoon – by claiming he is worse than her evil literary creation Lord Voldemort.

George Takei: Donald Trump will make America disgraced again

Mr Takei, meanwhile, is currently starring in a new musical about his life.

Mr Takei – who was a child when his family were held in the Rohwer War Relocation Center camp – spoke about the “very, very personal” story, which will draw on his own life.

The actor told the New York Times: “I consider this my legacy project.

“This is the first time that this dark chapter of American history will be done on the Broadway stage.”

Watch his interview with MSNBC below.