New Kentucky governor urged to ‘nullify’ same-sex marriages

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Kentucky’s Governor-elect has been urged to ignore the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and re-ban weddings.

The Supreme Court ruled over the summer that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally-protected right, cementing marriages in all 50 states.

Kentucky was a national focal point when clerk Kim Davis was briefly jailed for contempt of court, after she defied court orders by blocking gay weddings.

The state’s new Republican Governor-elect Matt Bevin, voted in last month, has already pledged to re-draft the state’s marriage laws when he takes office in January to help out Davis.

However, a new campaign calls on Bevin to go further, and to “nullify” the Supreme Court’s ruling, stopping the recognition of same-sex unions in the state.

A radio ad placed by anti-gay marriage lobbyists this week says: “Congratulations Matt Bevin on being elected governor of Kentucky and for standing up for marriage.

“Over 74% of Kentucky voters affirmed that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, but the US Supreme Court created legal chaos by issuing an unconstitutional opinion. We need principled leadership now.

It was the brave Kentucky legislature that acted first when Congress passed the notorious 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts, depriving Americans for their First Amendment right to criticize their government.

“The famous Kentucky Resolutions declared the unconstitutional acts void and of no force. Other states followed suit, but Kentucky will forever have the honor of being the first state to legally check an abuse of power by the federal government.

“Governor Bevin, we need Kentucky to once again lead the nation. Contact Governor Bevin and urge him to protect marriage and nullify the rogue Supreme Court opinion.”

The group’s website adds:  “Nullification is the legal theory that asserts a state has the right to nullify federal law which that state has deemed unconstitutional or beyond the constitutional powers of the federal government.
New Kentucky governor urged to ‘nullify’ same-sex marriages
“Marriage is NOT within the purview of the Federal Government and therefore ‘reserved to the States respectively, or to the people’.”

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