Sir Elton John celebrates ten year anniversary of historic civil partnership

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Sir Elton John is celebrating two anniversaries this week – ten years after he tied the knot in one of the UK’s first civil partnerships.

The veteran singer and his partner David Furnish were the highest-profile couple to enter an early civil partnership, holding an extravagant reception after registering on December 21 2005 – the first day that civil partnerships existed.

The pair would later convert to a marriage on the same date nine years later, effectively backdating their marriage to 2005.

Sir Elton took to Instagram to celebrate his double anniversary.

He said: “Ten years ago today, we were one of the first couples to embark on a Civil Partnership in the UK. One year ago today, we renewed our lifetime pledge to each other by getting legally married.

“Today, we are happier than ever – and want to thank fans and friends for supporting us with such open hearts and joyful spirit.

“We also want to shine a light on all the less privileged and less advanced parts of the world, where LGBT people are criminalised and discriminated against.

“We pledge our support and will continue to help wherever we can.”

Ten years on, the pair are continuing their work to advance LGBT equality around the world.