Can you guess what UKIP is blaming for floods this week?

In a relief to gay people and immigrants everywhere, UKIP’s biggest donor has a new theory about the devastating floods across the country.
Can you guess what UKIP is blaming for floods this week?

We always thought that flooding was caused by environmental factors, but UKIP members have long been doing their best to set that silly idea straight.

The UK Independence Party sacked councillor David Silvester in 2014 after he famously claimed flooding was God’s punishment for same-sex marriage – but refused to drop Parliamentary candidate Ted Strike when he also blamed bad weather on homosexuality.

As floods hit again last month, UKIP candidate Stephen Poulter decided to let gays off the hook – by speculating they came just after Syrian refugees arrived.

However, the party’s biggest donor has another theory – which he shared in his New Year message as flooding struck again.

Arron Banks, who has donated £1 million to the UK Independence Party and is the co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign, explained it was all down to Brussels.

Claiming that 2015 had been “a year of EU crises”, he added: “Next year will be no different, already we can see the problems of the floods in England made possible by EU laws that have halted dredging of our rivers.”

He is referring to the European Water Framework Directive, which aims to restore rivers  to their “undisturbed natural conditions” for environmental reasons.

Mr Banks is so sure about his theory, he hasn’t even quoted any sort of environmental expert who agrees with him.

According to HuffPo, he added: “Leaving the EU will be the biggest political earthquake in Europe since the Berlin Wall fell.

“It will not just liberate the UK so that we can decide our laws for ourselves it will also initiate change in the EU itself, forcing it to face up to its many failures that will have caused the British people to relinquish membership of a failed attempt to force proud countries into an unaccountable superstate.