Radio host insists Obamas murdered Joan Rivers for suggesting that Michelle is transgender

A notorious radio host has claimed that the Obamas were responsible for the death of Joan Rivers, because she got too close to the truth with a joke about the First Lady.

A month before her death in 2014, Joan Rivers made one last characteristically-offensive quip about the President.

When asked whether the US would see a gay president, she said: “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny. A transgender, we all know.”

The comic died within weeks of the comments – and the late Ms Rivers would probably be highly amused to hear that the timing of her death sparked a conspiracy theory that the First Lady really is transgender.
Radio host insists Obamas murdered Joan Rivers for suggesting that Michelle is transgender
But conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of InfoWars doubled down this week, insisting that the Obamas were complicit in the comedian’s death because she knew too much.

He said: “Her shoulders are too wide… we’ve had doctors on about this. She always has this pooch, so she’s either wearing a codpiece or has genitalia.

“She looks like a man! Lady looks like a dude! It’s true.

“It’s a giant viral video phenomenon for like eight years that she’s a man.”

Jones continues: “Don’t forget, the famous comedian Joan Rivers said ‘Of course everyone knows she’s a tranny.’

“Deader than a doornail in a routine operation where basically she had fire poured down her throat and was a fire-breathing goblin. Dead on arrival. Shoot your mouth off, honey, you will die.”

He continued to claim of the First Lady: “Her daughters don’t look like her… I really think this is some weird hoax, just like he didn’t get sworn in on the Bible, it was the Quran.

“All this weirdness, I mean, I used to laugh at this stuff, but man, it’s all about rubbing our noses in it.

“I think it’s all an arranged marriage, it’s all completely fake and it’s this big sick joke because he’s obsessed with transgender, just like some weird cult or something.

“I think Michelle Obama is a man. I really do. I really do. I believe it.”

Of course that’s not the radio host’s only surprising beliefs.

The radio host recently had a conversation with ‘Starbucks semen’ pastor James David Manning… or at least, we think it can be categorised as a conversation.

Jones and Manning start out discussing race and Beyoncé’s new album.

Mr Jones says: “Take [kids] away from Beyoncé, who wants to eat their brain with the CIA, literally. Obama literally is the killer of black people and they love him.

Shifting to his favourite subject, the gays, Manning insists: “People are demon-possessed… that is not a human spirit. These are demons, people with no constraints regarding what is moral.

“These same demons are now promoting that kind of ideology through our schools and institutions, especially when you talk about homosexuality or sodomy as I call it.”

Jones agreed that “undoubtedly they are pushing this 24/7″, saying he had met liberals who were “literal” devil-worshipping part-lizard communists.

He continued: “I’m not joking, the black people have a green tone, the white people have a green tone, they are turning into lizards or something.”