Pride parades have arrived on Grand Theft Auto (VIDEO)

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You can now attend a virtual Pride parade in Grand Theft Auto V.

Gamers will be pleased to hear that Trevor, Michael and Franklin are getting their Pride on in a new unofficial expansion.
Pride parades have arrived on Grand Theft Auto (VIDEO)
Developed by Stockholm Pride, the unofficial mod brings a virtual Pride celebration to the streets of Los Santos – complete with floats, rainbow flags and clothing, and a huge cheering crowd.

Even the Los Santos Blimp is getting in the mood, displaying the slogan ‘Love is in the air’.
Pride parades have arrived on Grand Theft Auto (VIDEO)
According to a trailer released by the creators, it’s looking pretty epic:

Sadly, the Los Santos Pride mod is only available for PC users and not on consoles – but is free to download online.

“GTA 5 takes place in Los Santos, a city that offers everything from burger joints and night clubs to supermarkets and fashion outlets. In short, Los Santos has everything you can expect from a real city. Well, except for one thing: a Pride parade.

“Stockholm Pride proudly presents Los Santos Pride — a free unofficial mod for GTA 5 that gives you a festive Pride parade on the streets of Los Santos. Available for PC.

“Los Santos Pride is a project created for Stockholm Pride. The project is pro-bono with no financial incentive or other benefits for anyone involved.”

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