Nick Jonas has wise words about standing up to criticism that he is pro-LGBT

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Nick Jonas has addressed criticism for standing up for LGBT rights, and has some wise words for how he deals with it.

The former Jonas Brothers singer spoke to the Los Angeles Times about being a straight man who often speaks out on LGBT issues.

Nick Jonas has wise words about standing up to criticism that he is pro-LGBT

He says: “As a heterosexual male, I’ve gotten some criticism. But you’ve got to block out the noise to hear the change.”

Of playing a gay MMA fighter in Kingdom, he says: “It’s a tough story to tell, and I think there’s a responsibility as someone representing the LGBT community to do what I can to show support”.

Jonas made a stand when he and Demi Lovato cancelled their concerts in North Carolina over the state’s HB2, banning trans people from using gender-appropriate bathrooms.

He later said it was the “right thing to do”.

Lovato also spoke to the LA Times to say why she stands up for LGBT rights: “I think the answer is: Why not? I grew up in the South where there’s discrimination, and when I witnessed the judgment around me, I always thought someone needs to stick up for not just the LGBT community but any outsider, anybody that wasn’t the mold in Texas.”

Lovato earlier this year explained the reason she will never address rumours that she is bisexual.

Earlier this year, Lovato made a bizarre joke at the GLAAD Awards, saying she has a “bigger dick” than Nick Jonas.