Was North Korea’s Kim Jong-un waving a rainbow flag at Olympic Closing Ceremony?

Viewers around the world were left baffled last night when North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un made an apparent on-screen appearance at the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Politicians and dignitaries from a number of countries had flocked to Rio de Janeiro for the closing of the Olympics.

However, cameras picked up an unlikely visitor in the crowd.

A man who appeared to be the North Korean leader was visible for a period of several minutes during the broadcast, directly behind the podium from which Olympic bosses made speeches.

He was spotted by eagle-eyed fans waving both a North Korean flag and the rainbow flag.
Was North Korea’s Kim Jong-un waving a rainbow flag at Olympic Closing Ceremony?

Though a number of North Korean athletes did take part in the Olympics and won two gold medals, the bizarre incident appears to actually be the work of an impersonator who somehow managed to sneak into an empty spot in front of the cameras.

The impersonator, whose name is not known, was apparently circulating through the venue during the day, snapping a number of selfies with fans.

The reclusive Asian country is renowned for its secrecy, warmongering, and the oppressive rule of the Kim dynasty, currently headed by 33-year-old Kim Jong-un, who claims to have cured AIDS and hangovers.

Given the country’s appalling human rights abuses, LGBT rights are seldom on the radar – but the country’s officials are no stranger to homophobia, hitting out at the gay man heading a UN human rights panel as a “disgusting old lecher” in 2014.

A gay defector from North Korea recently revealed he had no idea what homosexuality was until he left the country.