LGBT traffic lights will remain in London permanently

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The traffic lights were put in place for Pride in London.

Transport for London (TFL) has announced LGBT pedestrian lights in London will become a permanent fixture in the city’s streets.

LGBT traffic lights will remain in London permanently

The change was made for Pride in London which took place in June – shortly after the massacre of 49 people in Orlando in gay nightclub Pulse.

Around 50 lights at pedestrian signals at crossings around the iconic Trafalgar Square were initially announced as a temporary installation.

The designs include LGBT symbols, two men and two women holding hands and trans people.

However, TFL has confirmed the lights are set to stay – at least for now.

“They were never meant to be permanent but we have no current plans to take them down and they are staying for the foreseeable future,” a TFL spokesperson told The Sun.

“One of the greatest things about this city is our differences and every Londoner should be proud of who they are,” the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said previously.

“These signals show that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them and display the tolerance and celebration of difference in our city.”

The lights were inspired by a similar project which saw lights in Vienna transformed last year.

Instead of featuring one man walking at pedestrian crossings, lights in the city featured dancing gay and lesbian couples holding hands, with hearts above them.

The lights were hugely popular and became a permanent fixture at some places in the city, though right-wingers have attacked them as a sign of the LGBT agenda.