Anti-gay boxer Tyson Fury will ‘never fight again’ following ‘witch hunt’

The boxing world champion is seeking professional help due to mental health issues.

A leading boxing promoter has claimed Tyson Fury will never fight again after facing a series of professional and personal problems.

Anti-gay boxer Tyson Fury will ‘never fight again’ following ‘witch hunt’

“Fury will be stripped of his titles and, after a legal battle, he’ll say: ‘No more, I’m done’,” promoter Eddie Hearn claims.

His comments come after the homophobic boxer pulled out of a fight with longtime rival Wladimir Klitschko after being declared medically unfit to take part.

It is thought the the WBA and WBO are unwilling to allow Fury to hold onto his titles indefinitely, as it would lead to major financial losses for the boxing governing bodies.

“It’s going to be really messy and it might take a year to resolve,” added Hearn.

“I know there are sensitivities around mental health issues but this is a business. The governing bodies have had enough.

“The world heavyweight title is a huge part of their business and they’ve not made any money from it for a year.”

Fury was controversially nominated for the BBC’s Sports Personality award last year – despite claiming that homosexuality and paedophilia will bring about the apocalypse.

He has also recently faced anti-doping charges. 

However, the boxer’s uncle Peter Fury – who is also his trainer – says he has done nothing wrong and that his condition is down to a media “witch-hunt”.

“There’s a lot to be answered for,” he said.

Anti-gay boxer Tyson Fury will ‘never fight again’ following ‘witch hunt’

“It’s very disappointing for me because we’ve got a super talent here and he’s been driven underground with it, almost to the point that he’s at breaking point.

“He’s at an all-time low. I think he’s always been a little up and down in the past, a bit volatile, always has been, but never like this,” Fury’s uncle added.

“He just sees it as a complete witch hunt, and why bother? Everyone needs to look at what they’re doing, they’re doing a lot of damage to him.

“He’s a nice human being, Tyson, no matter what people say.

“He’s a gentleman to everyone and this is how he gets treated.”