UK’s ‘first ever’ national pride to be held in Hull

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The UK’s “first ever” national LGBT pride event is to be held in Hull next year, as it becomes City of Culture 2017.

The event is set to take place 50 years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Great Britain.

UK’s ‘first ever’ national pride to be held in Hull

The week-long festival celebrating the LGBT community will hit Hull on July 22, 2017.

‘UK Pride’ will include events covering “a range of subjects and artforms”, its organisers promised.

The decision to throw the event was made during the U.K. Pride Organisers’ Conference, held in Birmingham on 8 and 9 October.

Delegates from the organising committees of pride events across the UK designated Pride in Hull 2017 the first ever ‘UK pride’.

Representing Pride in Hull, Trustee and Vice Chair Andy Train attended the conference and successfully made the case for making Hull the inaugural UK Pride during the city’s reign as UK City of Culture next year.

Mr Train described it as a “tremendous accolade for us in Hull”.

“A number of towns and cities, including 2017 City of Culture Hull, have hosted high-profile pride events before, but none with a national tag,” he added.

“Much like how EuroPride is the focus of the European pride calendar, we’re confident that the title of UK Pride will enhance the event given the honour each year by attracting additional funding and promotion.

“This will bring even more people to the city during Hull’s premier LGBT+ celebration.”

Pride events are a chance for the LGBT population to celebrate their diversity and unique history, whilst also ensuring the issues facing the community receive the attention and funding they deserve.

The events take place across the world – however, this year saw the first pride flag finds its way into outer space.