A video game is set to have more LGBT characters than ever before

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A new game created by Blizzard Entertainment is set to have more LGBT characters and storylines than ever seen before.

The lead writer for the game, Michael Chu, confirmed that in an upcoming update characters will be revealed as LGBT.

Chu said to fans in a Q&A session: “It’s very important for us to have diversity and inclusiveness of all types, and that includes LGBT characters. There are definitely LGBT heroes in Overwatch. That’s multiple heroes.

“We want the stories about characters relationships – not just romantic, but familial relationships and stuff like that — to come out in the course of stories that we feel really do them justice. It’s something that absolutely is important to us.”

Fans hope the Russian character Zarya will be one of many to come out.

The game was initially released in May, but writers decided to hold of on revealing which characters are LGBT so as players can get to know them without bias.

The update has cause huge excitement in the community, and is challenging perceptions of video games not representing LGBT people.

Curtis Free, from London Gaymers, told GSN: “By having a visible LGBTI character in such a popular title, Blizzard is sending the gaming community a message that its games are for everyone.

“There are a growing number of games that feature LGBTI characters as part of their storytelling, and plenty of role playing games now enable you to choose the partners you wish to romance.

“The very important distinction with Overwatch is that a main, playable character is being defined as LGBTI… and it really highlights the commitment Blizzard have to opening minds and normalising LGBTI characters and heroes,” he added.

Overwatch joins the leagues with over production companies that are beginning to portray more LGBT characters after popular demand.

Marvel superhero, Minor hero Union Jack, has appeared in the comic book universe since the 1970s, and was recently introduced in iPhone game ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’ and proceeded to come out as gay.

The move came after fans of the Marvel universe put pressure on the company to give Captain America a boyfriend.

Disney are also being pressured, with fans of Frozen wanting the company to give princess Elsa a girlfriend.