People have discovered that this iconic game character is canonically bisexual and they’re losing it

Om Nom from Cut The Rope

Om Nom, the cute green alien from popular mobile game Cut The Rope is canonically bisexual.

That’s right, the little hungry blob originally had a boyfriend – but this was changed to a girlfriend during development.

In a resurfaced interview from 2020 with the game’s designer Semyon Voinov, co-founder of developer ZeptoLab, he’s asked about scrapped designs for unused characters.

Voinov mentions Om Nelle, the alien’s girlfriend.

“Yes! Originally, Om Nelle was going to be a boy named Om Nomo, but our art team at the time decided that might have received backlash,” he said.

When asked what this implies for Om Nom’s sexuality, Voinov responds: “Well, at the time Om Nom was going to be homosexual, but many members of our staff decided against that. Now that time has passed, I can proudly say that we consider him to be bisexual.”

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What’s particularly exciting about this news is that Voinov and developer ZeptoLab are Russian, a country hardly known for its LGBT+ advocacy.

Voinov was then asked if he felt people would be upset about the character’s sexuality.

“Some members of our staff (now fired) felt it was unnecessary and gross to add sexuality on to Om Nom (especially considering he is a child in the early games). However, sexuality is not inherently… well, “sexual”. It’s simply an attraction, and it is of no harm to add it to Om Nom,” he says.

“In fact, it may even help some underage members of the LGBTQ+ community feel accepted. Seeing a character as wonderfully designed as Om Nom share their sexuality would be reassuring.”

The news was shared by the Twitter account @favisbi, where it caused quite a big reaction.

Some of the replies were *chef’s kiss*

One person tweeted: “What – he is literally a green ball why does he have sexuality?” and was shut down with: “We’re all just sacks of flesh why do we have sexualities?”

Another bi ally added: “I loved to play this game so much as a kid!! Good for Om Nom, love that for him.”

The account shares various bisexual characters, but the Om Nom tweet is now the most liked in the account’s history.

Cut The Rope was first released on mobile back in 2010, the debut game from ZeptoLab.

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