Germany just discovered a spy they arrested was a gay adult film star

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Authorities who arrested a spy for offering to help Islamic militants infiltrate Germany’s intelligence agency have discovered he used to be a gay adult film star.

German intelligence officials were prowling a digital hangout well known to be used by Islamists when they discovered the surprising user.

The man was claiming to himself be a German spy and offering to help others infiltrate Germany’s primary intelligence agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV).

German authorities lured the man into a private chat, where he gave out many private details about the agency in a bid to help other extremists overcome it.

It became clear the man really was a 51-year-old spy for the German government.

The man was arrested after the agency said he was accused of making Islamist declarations online and threats to blow up the agency’s HQ in Cologne.

The details revealed in the private chat meant authorities soon knew who among their ranks had defected – and they soon discovered a whole second life nobody was expecting.

Authorities searched the internet for the man’s alias in a bid to track down all the classified info he’d shared and who with.

What they didn’t expect was to discover he had a past life acting in gay adult films.

He had used the alias as a screen name for his man on man action as recently as 2011.

The man hasn’t been identified for obvious security reasons, but he is said to be married (to a woman, it’s assumed, given same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Germany) and have four children.

The revelations have caused an uproar in Germany, with people asking how the agency’s vetting could have failed to notice his porn past.

The agency had interviewed former colleagues and employers of the man in their vetting process, but none had mentioned being aware of his acting in adult films.

German authorities say they’re not aware of any major breeches of information so far in their inquiries.