Amy Schumer was disappointed that no women hit on her when she worked in a lesbian bar

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Comedian, author and actor Amy Schumer has opened up about working in a lesbian bar and that she was disappointed that no women hit on her before she was “let go” by the managers.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, the star jokes that she was hired “as a lesbian”, in the bar where she worked as a bartender.

She adds: “At first I thought great – no men. But i forgot that it’s gonna be all women like – ‘what should I get to drink?’ – I dunno get rubbing alcohol, that’s all do.

“And then I really thought they were all gonna hit on me – how am I gonna break it to them that I’m straight – and then noone hit on me – not once.”

“I was let go – they said ‘we’re letting you go’ – but I never asked to go!”

Schumer also opened up about starring in ‘Mother/Daughter’ alongside Goldie Hawn, hanging out with Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson, and about her stuffed animal collection.

Check out the interview from The Ellen Show below:

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