Tom Daley opens up about love for Dustin Lance Black as they celebrate wedding

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Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black tied the knot in a stunning wedding ceremony last weekend.

Daley has been in his trans-Atlantic relationship since 2013, when the couple first met and announced their engagement in 2015 by revealing it in The Times newspaper.

Lance Black, an Oscar winning film producer, is 20 years older than the celebrity diver, but it has never been an issue for the pair.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black

Speaking to new! magazine at the BT Sport Awards, the 22-year-old gushed about his relationship with his new husband.

“Being with Lance has been the best thing that’s happened in my life,” he told the magazine.

“It’s very exciting moving forward and it’s nice to be in love.”

Daley was embroiled in controversy after Daley was accused of having an affair by a number of media outlets.

The athlete admitted that he had sexted and sent explicit videos when he and Lance-Black were on a seven-month break.

The couple subsequently released a video together insisting that the two were “good” and that the relationship was as strong as ever.

Last weekend they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony after a hospital scare for Daley last week.

The couple reportedly had their wedding in Bovey Castle, Devon, near the UK’s south coast.

Revealing the first snaps of their special day, Daley wrote: “05.06.17 the day I married the love of my life ❤️ shared with 120 of our closest family and friends from Texarkana to Plymouth!”

They shared a string of pictures from their special day after confirming the wedding.

Daley recited lines from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet during the ceremony, according to reports, before vows were exchanged and they were officially married.

A string quartet played throughout the service and reception which followed after.

The intimate group of just family and friends enjoyed a three course mean, a “massive cake” and slept in the castle after the evening wound down.

Right-wing British tabloid Daily Express seemingly was not impressed, however.

The newspaper appeared not to accept same-sex couples as having the right to marry.

The newspaper posted: “Tom Daley, 22, and Dustin Lance Black, 42, ‘MARRY’ in romantic Romeo and Juliet ceremony”.

Despite their choice of headline for Daley and Lance Black, the newspaper had not applied the same air quotes to heterosexual couples marrying.