Katy Perry and Migos reps deny ‘completely false’ claim that drag queens were excluded from SNL

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The manager for rap trio Migos has denied “completely false” reports that they refused to perform with drag queens during a Katy Perry performance on SNL.

Migos performed with Katy Perry on SNL on Saturday her new single Bon Appetit. Perry also performed another single solo, Swish Swish.

A now deleted report on World of Wonder which went to several other media outlets had claimed that despite drag queens being heavily featured on the Swish Swish performance, the performance of Bon Appetit had a reduced number of queens due to demands by Migos.

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But reps for Perry and Migos have both denied the reports, and drag queens who were there have also explained the reasons for the differences.

Migos’ management said the report was “completely false and fabricated” and Katy Perry’s representative said “the story is false”.

One drag queen who was there, Brita Filter, told GT that there was “no drama” with Migos.

Brita said: “It was incredible performing with Katy Perry… She wanted to have all walks of life at the table.

“I was happy to represent all the drag queens. There was numerous changes throughout the rehearsal process. They chose to have only people of colour at the table.

“There was no drama with Migos.”

The Countess Mascara, added, writing on Facebook: “Don’t believe everything you read. Katy Perry did a wonderful thing last weekend by using her star power to allow us to showcase our beautifully diverse community.

“She was a gem to work with. All she asked from us was to bring our best selves to show the world who we are!

“Some people may be haters, but don’t let that negate the fact that we did something so incredibly important on one of the largest television networks! I am truly honored to be included among such uniquely talented artists.”

Another, Jesse Havea, said: “Y’all! There is no drama with Migos. I was the only drag queen in the damn number. I don’t know why this is a thing.”

Fans earlier this month expressed their outrage after Katy Perry released a single with Migos, after they were accused of homophobic remarks.

The song, Bon Appetit, came out just six weeks after Perry was awarded Human Rights Campaign’s national equality award for her LGBT advocacy work.

In a speech to the audience in Los Angeles, the musician spoke about her own sexual experiences with women and the meaning behind her 2008 song I Kissed A Girl.

Newly-out rapper Makonnen this year opened up about his decision to come out – and fired back at homophobic critics.

Katy Perry and Migos reps deny ‘completely false’ claim that drag queens were excluded from SNL

Makonnen Sheran, who performs under the name iLoveMakonnen, made a splash in January when he came out as gay.

The Grammy-nominated artist took to Twitter to open up to his fans, explaining: ” I can’t tell u about everybody else’s closet, I can only tell u about mine, and it’s time I’ve come out.”

His news was welcomed by fans, but he was on the receiving end of homophobic abuse from rap group Migos, who said it was proof “the world is f**ked up”.