Comic Susan Calman is looking for contestants on BBC quiz show The Boss

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Comic Susan Calman has launched a search for contestants on the second series of her quiz show.

The search is on for contestants to take part in the second series of Calman’s quiz show.

The Boss, set to air on BBC One, will pit contestants against one another in a series of general knowledge rounds.

Teams of five will fight for the prize money, as each player seeks to gain power and become the boss.

The Boss

But there is a catch to being in charge.

The boss must use their judgement and tactics to decide which player is best suited to answer a mixture of general knowledge and brainteaser puzzles.

If the existing boss loses control, they are out, with another contestant taking over.

At the end of each round, the remaining contestants have the chance to challenge the boss in a cut-throat, head-to-head battle that sees one player eliminated.

At the end of the show, only The Boss and the one surviving player remain.

The BBC is currently taking applications for the show, and you can sign-up here.

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