Strictly Come Dancing’s Susan Calman destroys homophobic troll

strictly susan calman getty

Strictly Come Dancing’s Susan Calman has brilliantly burned a homophobic troll.

The out lesbian comedian will compete in the BBC One hit show when it returns for its fifteenth season on September 9.

And in preparation for her dive into Strictly’s world of sequins and sashays, she tweeted two pictures of herself – one of her in a suit, and another of her in a dress.

Above the badass photos, she wrote: “Both of these pictures are of me. I can be both a kick ass time travelling lesbian and a bombshell in a dress.

“That’s the joy of Strictly.”

As well as receiving lots of love – including a message of support from fellow Strictly contestant Reverend Richard Coles – she was also subjected to hate.

One troll quote-tweeted Calman’s post, and over a picture of trees on fire, wrote: “Gay sex is a huge sin that brings curse on all humanity, incurable disease, mental illnesses, disasters, poverty & war.”

The homophobe, who goes by the name ‘PrayToTheOnlyGod’ and calls homosexuality “filth” on their profile, tagged Calman along with Stonewall chief executive Ruth Hunt.

strictly come dancing susan calman getty


Big mistake.

Calman, 42, responded brilliantly, telling the bigot: “Mate. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones.

“Do you know how much commitment that takes? I don’t have time to destroy humanity.”


And the comedian, who has written a book about her experiences with depression, wasn’t done there.

“You look like a bitch in both,” another hater told her.

“Unfortunately for you, I take that as a compliment,” she responded, because she’s a bona fide badass.

One fan advised her: “Don’t feed the trolls,” but she was having none of it.

“When a man calls me a bitch, or someone is homophobic I reply,” wrote Calman.

“Because this lesbian bitch ain’t standing for it.”

Another supporter said: “What a horrible little Dick. Susan don’t let negativity and immaturity get to you.”

Calman’s response was equal parts genius and vicious.

She wrote: “Oh don’t worry. I never let a dick get to me. In any sense.”

Something tells us that this Strictly is going to be especially fun.