Man turned down for adopting a cat because he is gay gets happy ending

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A man who was refused the right to adopt a cat because he is gay got the happy ending he deserved.

Alex Andreou earlier this week shared screenshots on Twitter of a text conversation he had with a woman who refused to give him the cat for religious objections to his “lifestyle”.

He said he had travelled two hours to get the cat from the woman but that she refused to hand it over.

But he has now got sweet revenge on the woman, who says was running a “scam”, and has been offered to rescue kittens, so gets the happy ending he wanted.


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In a string of tweets, Andreou says he spoke to the woman who said she used a stock image of a cat because she doesn’t have a camera.

He wrote: “She just called me!!! Says I’m right, she’s been advertising for months and has rejected a lot of people, but only out of love for the cats.”

“I told her that I reported her ad so it’s taken down, alerted the police in case it’s part of a scam and to get a fucking life. And hung up,” he added.

And in a later tweet he shared a photo of two rescue kittens from Lilly’s Legacy.

He named the kittens: “George Meowchael-Andreou and Freddie Purrcury-Andreou.”

“George and Freddie are part of a rescue litter. They’re being neutered next Friday and will be in their new home with me shortly thereafter,” he wrote, saying he planned to raise funds for the charity.

In the original text conversation, the woman asks him: “So how comes you’re single, are you gay?”

He responds: “Good guess”, to which she says: “People normally mention grown up kids and so on that’s why I thought you maybe gay”.

When he asks “Is it an issue?” she responds: “I am religious so I strongly disagree with the life style. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

Andreou responds: “Darling, I’ve been beaten and called a faggot since I was 8. My feelings are quite robust. And, yes, sorry is precisely what you are”.

The conversation apparently ends when she asks him: “Are you not afraid of going to hell when you die?”


He wrote: “An Amazing friend who lives locally to that evil cow, is picking up the cats for me on Thursday. I am so happy.”

Later adding: “I may then have to festoon the cats in Rainbow Flags and send her photos. Is there a co that makes pink litter? Pride cat bowls? I NEED GEAR”.

Cat tweet

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