Pet owner suspects cat is a lesbian and has a girlfriend and people were quick to point out the obvious

lesbian cat

A post has gone viral on Twitter from someone who suspects that their cat is a lesbian, and the responses will warm your soul.

The post reads: “Is my cat a lesbian? I think she is. Before you call me a troll, homosexuality has been found in over 1,500 species and domestic cat (and dog) are included in that. Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself.

“Anyway, I think my cat has a girlfriend. Another cat from the neighbourhood. She brings her to my house and they groom each other. Are they dating?”

The resounding response from Twitter was: “Yes. They are dating. Cat lesbians in love.”

The post, which has more than 80,000 likes, prompted people to share their own queer pet love stories and they will make your day.

One person shared a beautiful story of lesbian cat co-parenting: “My cat has lesbian moms!!!! They were farm cats in northern Michigan who got knocked up by the same wild Maine Coon. They had their litters at the same time and raised them together as one big litter. 15 kittens.”

There were a few sad stories of lost love. One person wrote: “I used to have two (female) cats that I’m sure were in love with each other.

“One of them went missing in 2015 and now I’m pretty sure she’s just friends with our newest cat. It’s hard to love again.”

“Ahh yeah I had lesbian cats,” tweeted another. “One passed away and the other has been very depressed for years, until recently, she adopted and acts as a mother for two kittens we have taken in and she seems to be happier now with someone to love again.”

One accepting cat-owner looked outside of the binary of straight or gay when trying to understand their cat’s sexuality.

They wrote: “I think our cat is gay? And/or something else maybe?

“We’ve had him for years and when our girl cat is in heat, he never cared but then the boy cats tend to scratch him and they fight.”

They came to the only logical conclusion: “He’s only affectionate towards people idk maybe my cat is like a reverse furry.”