Australia gets wedding magazine for LGBT women – even if they don’t get marriage equality

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A new magazine is being launched in Australia for LGBT identifying women in same-sex relationships – whether or not equal marriage becomes a reality.

The controversial postal vote on same-sex marriage, which is nonbinding, closes on November 7.

The final result will be revealed on November 15.

Celebrating Women in Love (Dancing With Her/Instagram)
Celebrating Women in Love (Dancing With Her/Instagram)

While opinion polls are heavily suggesting a “Yes” vote, Australian society appears to be becoming increasingly divided as the campaigning period continues.

Regardless of whether Yes or No wins, and if any legislation is passed, a wedding magazine for women in love with women will launch on October 24.

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“While we didn’t anticipate the launch of the magazine would coincide with the current political debate in Australia, it has,” read a post on the magazine’s Instagram page.

“We can’t really think of a better time to remind the world all love is equal, and beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.”

Dancing With Her started life as a blog and online resource, and after initial fundraising attempts will soon exist as a fully-fledged digital and print publication.

Dancing With Her is Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) only publication dedicated to celebrating women in love, with women,” say its creators.

“In 2016, founders, Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell, became an engaged couple.

“However, faced with the over-representation of hetero-normative wedding material, they were left uninspired in their wedding planning.

“With a combined background in design and sociology, Dancing With Her offers a unique, modern perspective in translating the real stories of women in love, into stories that evoke and inspire others. ”

They added: “Although Australia does not yet have marriage equality, we know that women, who are in same-sex relationships, are choosing to celebrate their love and make a lasting commitment to one another, and that deserves celebrating.

Congratulations Megan & Whitney (Lovers of Love/Dancing With Her/Instagram)
Congratulations Megan & Whitney (Lovers of Love/Dancing With Her/Instagram)

“Dancing With Her sets out to be the leading resource for women planning their wedding day. A resource that displays and celebrates diversity and inclusion.”

It follows last year’s launch of Australia’s Groom and Guy, which claimed to be the first luxury magazine on the market exclusively aimed at gay men.

Over the years as other countries have moved towards marriage equality, a number of staged same-sex weddings have been held in Australia.

Back in 2009, around 2,000 demonstrators marched on the Labor Party’s conference to protest the ban on equal marriage.

A mass “wedding” for same-sex couples was held in Melbourne earlier this year, arranged by Equal Love Melbourne, to protest the current law.