Celebrity Big Brother: Dapper Laughs calls housemates ‘f**king lesbians’ because they won’t date him

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Daniel O’Reilly, aka Dapper Laughs, caused controversy last night when he branded two women in the house “f**king lesbians” for saying they wouldn’t date him.

Despite vowing to leave behind his Dapper Laughs persona and that he is a “different person” now in his intro video, the former Vine star made the comments on Tuesday.

Speaking to Jess Impiazzi and Ashley James, he called the housemates “f**king lesbians” when they said they wouldn’t date him.

The housemates were playing a game of Mr and Mrs when O’Reilly asked: “If I was single and you were single, which one of you would be more likely to succumb to my advances?”

Both Impiazzi and James pointed at each other in response to the question.

This prompted O’Reilly to say: “What is your problem? F**king lesbians.”
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He was accused of homophobia and misogyny for the comments by many on Twitter.

One wrote: “Daniel has just proven the clear abuse that gets given to women when they say no ‘You pair of lesbians’. 1- don’t use people’s sexuality as an insult. 2- please understand that you aren’t gods gift, you’re in fact far from it and women CAN SAY NO#CBB.”

Another added: “Dapper Laughs/Daniel whatever is NOT funny, I still think he’s quite misogynistic if I’m being honest. Not entirely sure how he’s had a career as a comedian #cbb.”

A third said: “Don’t appreciate the homophobia because Jess & Ashley wouldn’t have it off with Daniel. #CBB.”

Another even called for O’Reilly to be kicked out of the house for the comments: “Can dapper laughs get kicked out constant objectification of women and that “fucking lesbians” comment has got right on my nerves #cbb.”

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Some did defend the comedian, with one saying: “Wow people need to calm down, clearly @dapperlaughs was joking round about calling them Lesbians. I love him. He needs stay in. #CBBDaniel I will be supporting him all way!!”

This is not the first time O’Reilly has been criticised since entering the CBB house.

He was criticised for so-called “banter” about the women in the house alongside Andrew Brady and Jonny Mitchell.

O’Reilly faces eviction alongside four other housemates.

Two celebrities will be evicted on Friday 19 January.

The Dapper Laughs persona got his own ITV2 show ‘Dapper Laughs: On The Pull’, back in 2014.

The show was the subject of heavy criticism for its portrayal of women and he was eventually sacked by ITV for a stand-up show “gagging for a rape”.

He later appeared on Newsnight under his real name and said he was retiring Dapper Laughs, but later reintroduced the character.