The Heathers TV reboot trailer is here and it’s queerer than ever

The trailer for the upcoming television remake of Heathers has finally landed with an LGBTQ twist.

The film, which has a huge cult following, has been remade as an updated TV series featuring a genderqueer character and a lesbian.

The new show will stick to a similar storyline and tone to the much-loved film but will be updated to reflect 2018.

Grace Victoria Cox will star as Veronica, an outcast student who with the encouragement of her boyfriend JD (James Scully) plots to kill the most popular students in school- the Heathers.

(Photo: Paramount Network / Youtube)

The trailer shows us the three Heathers in all their bitchy glory and gives viewers a tantalising glimpse of the suspense and drama ahead.

Producers of the show, the Paramount Network have described the new Heathers as “very different but an equally vicious group.”

The Paramount Network have called their remake an “anthology series”, which some have taken this to mean the show could see the cast change season to season – much like American Horror Story.

(Photo: Paramount Network / Youtube)

As part of the updated tone of the remake, the character of Heather Duke – played by Shannen Doherty in the original – has been re-written as a genderqueer character who goes by the name Heath. Brendan Scannell will play the role.

Meanwhile the character of Heather McNamara – originally portrayed by Lisanne Falk – will be a black lesbian on the new remake, played by Jasmine Mathews.


The 1988 film starred a murderous group of friends all called Heather, which launched the career of Winona Ryder.

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Responses to the trailer have sadly been overwhelmingly negative.

As of writing, the Youtube clip has 26,000 dislikes in comparison to only 8000 likes.

(Photo: Youtube)

Remakes of cult classics such as Heathers can often face criticism, such as the 2016 remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Before the release of the remake, fans of the original 1975 film heavily criticised the FOX update, particularly the casting of Laverne Cox in the role of Dr Frank ‘N’ Furter.

Heathers premieres March 7.

Watch the full trailer below