The Bronies are coming: A gay adult film star ‘had sex’ with My Little Pony cuddly toys

A self identifying “Brony” and gay porn star has posted a video of himself ‘having sex’ with My Little Pony characters.

The actor, known as Dashie Chance, can be seen pumping away with toys of Rainbow Dash and Rarity, who star in the children’s TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Dashie – surely named after Rainbow Dash – is described by porn site Alternadudes as a “scruffy, shaggy Brony who isn’t afraid to admit his love for the pony culture.”

The cartoon, which is about to debut its eighth season, has attracted a fervent following of male fans known as “Bronies” – named using a portmanteau of “bro” and “pony”.


Though many a Brony is just a passive fan, there are others who fetishise the show’s ponies, especially the ‘Mane Six’ characters of Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight.

And Dashie is seemingly one of these Bronies, as shown by his enthusiastic sex play with the animals in the video, which is called “A Brony and His Ponies.”


You can also see his passion for the ponies in the fact that he has a Rainbow Dash neck tattoo and Rainbow Dash necklace.

According to Alternadudes, he also “likes all things furry and enjoys hanging out at the bar and watching movies.”

The porn star – who wears a My Little Pony hoodie and Rainbow Dash socks – starts off the video by humping an unidentified large plush unicorn while sucking its horn.

He then gives a full-on blowjob to the unicorn – who does not seem to react – before getting it to penetrate him.

The horn doesn’t make much progress, but Dashie is able to make up for that by pleasuring himself – while holding the Rainbow Dash and Rarity toys, of course.

The porn star ends the video by lighting up three post-sex cigarettes – one for him, one for the unicorn and one for Rarity.

So, where did the concept for this film come from, and is the world truly doomed?

What is a brony?


A Brony is just someone who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – a cartoon about six best friends who go on adventures – and is not a young girl.

This includes many people who are simply adult male fans of the kids’ show, positioning them outside of the programme’s main demographic.

But it also includes some who are attracted to the characters, and even some who engage sexually with physical representations of the cartoon ponies.

Some take it further than others, as seen in the popular meme ‘My Little Pony Cum Jar Project.’

The less said about that, the better. Suffice to say, the video includes Rainbow Dash, and it’s not the only one of its kind out there.

What’s with all the brony memes?


One can safely assume that people have always had sexual appetites outside the norm, but with the advent of the internet, fans with different predilections can group together.

And since the internet is open to everyone, they can also be viewed by other people, who can then use these fetishes to make memes which people will click on, because, well – sex sells.

It’s worth emphasising that many My Little Pony memes are harmless – just take this rather sweet example.

(Facebook/Brony memes)

But for every sweet, innocent meme, there is another entry to the Internet’s Weird, Wacky and Super Disconcerting Hall of Fame.

Basically, if you see cartoon ponies on your timeline, be prepared.

Can I still watch My Little Pony if it means being called a brony?


Absolutely. Anyone can watch any show! Especially a cartoon about friendship, magic and adventure!

On the other hoof, you should be prepared for some people to be weirded out by your choice of programme, especially if you, dear reader, are not a young girl.

But haters have a propensity to hate, and if you can deal with a potential backlash from friends and family, then watch away.

Fluttershy, otherwise known as the best pony (Hasbro)

After all, the show hasn’t reached eight seasons for nothing.

We certainly won’t judge – unless you end up choosing Rarity as your favourite pony, of course. We’re Fluttershy fans all the way.