This devastating ad has proved why we can’t discriminate against people based on their orientation

A heartbreaking ad inspired by the story of a gay man who was refused a funeral service when his spouse passed away has been created to stop the legalisation of discrimination against LGBT+ people in the US.

The ad, created by advocacy project Open To All, follows the story of a grieving widow who is denied the right to funeral care for her spouse after they discover she is a lesbian.

“Just because a business serves someone doesn’t mean they share all of their customers’ beliefs. But the Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could create a right to discriminate in our nation’s constitution,” the ad states.

“Do we really want to give businesses a right to tell people ‘we don’t serve your kind here?’ To hurt them and reject them in front of their loved ones?”

The campaign, intends to raise awareness over what will happen if Supreme Court passes a motion to allow businesses and organisations to discriminate against gay people based on their religious beliefs.

After Colorado owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop Jack Phillips said that serving LGB people violates his First Amendment right to free speech, a case over whether or not it will be legal for people to turn away queer people on the grounds of their sexuality has made it to America’s highest court.

Of course, the likes of the Open To All campaign have recognised that this jurisdiction could leave LGB+ people open to discriminatory homophobic behaviour, as long as the person or business that refuses the service states it is for religious reasons.

The cake case, which is currently being argued in the court at the moment, has been disputed since 2012.