Gay Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie: Why does Facebook want to see my dick pics?

Christopher Wylie, the gay whistleblower who has sparked a huge controversy around British data firm Cambridge Analytica, is wondering why Facebook wants to see his lewd photos.

Wylie, 28, claims to have developed a system with Cambridge Analytica which harvested personal information from 50 or 60 million Americans to help get Donald Trump elected as President.

The Canadian data analyst told the Observer that he was a “gay vegan who made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindf**k tool”.

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Speaking about Rebekah Mercer, daughter and business partner of billionaire Cambridge Analytica backer Robert Mercer, Wylie told the Observer: “The gays. She loved the gays.

“So did Steve [Bannon].”

Today, reporter Carole Cadwalladr – who wrote the Observer story which caused the current furore – tweeted that Facebook wanted to look through Wylie’s belongings.


“Facebook demanding to inspect Cambridge Analytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico’s computer & phone,” she wrote, before adding comments apparently from Wylie.

“‘What do they want? To look through my dick pics?'” she quoted him as saying.

The whistleblower responded by quote-tweeting Cadwalladr’s post with a clear message that he respected the processes of the UK Government, not Facebook.


“I should probably point out that I have been proactively working with the UK authorities for months before this story came out,” he said.

Wylie added that “@facebook is not the authority here, the @ICOnews is.”

Wylie has also reportedly been banned from Facebook, as well as Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

The 28-year-old joked on Twitter that his followers were missing out on valuable content.

“Downside to @facebook also banning me on @instagram is missing out on my daily dose of well curated food pics and thirst traps #millennial #whistleblower,” he wrote.


Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have staunchly denied the claims by Wylie, who worked for the company over several years.

Wylie, who studied at the London School of Economics and worked for the Liberal Democrats in Britain, now says he wants to make amends for creating the tool and is willing to testify before Congress.

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The tool he headed up is said to have harvested vast amounts of personal data via Facebook, then created content online to sway their thinking on a specific issue.