Who is Bruce McArthur’s seventh victim? Alleged serial killer charged with murder of Abdulbasir Faizi

Bruce McArthur, a 66-year-old self-employed landscaper, pleaded guilty to eight counts of murder

Bruce McArthur has been charged with the seventh murder of a gay man in Toronto.

McArthur, who has been said to have killed men he found through the Silver Daddies dating app and through scouring Toronto’s gay village, has been charged with the murder of Abdulbasir Faizi in 2010.

The new charge was announced when McArthur appeared via video link in a Toronto court on Wednesday morning.


Faizi’s wife and children believed that he had abandoned them and did not want to be found.

“The investigators felt that he had abandoned his family and did not want to be found,” said Faizi’s wife Kareema Faizi in a court affadavit, reported the Globe and Mail.

Ms Faizi and her husband’s children were recently asked for DNA samples to confirm the remains of the man.

“I’m not feeling good,” she said. “Every day I’m crying when I am home.”

“For me at least there’s a sense of relief because he didn’t abandon anyone. He didn’t run away,” said another of Faizi’s relatives to The Guardian.

“I feel very guilty now because I didn’t do enough.”

Police are still trying to identify the remains of victims that were found at a house where McArthur stored his tools for his landscaping business.

McArthur was suspected of the crime during Project Houston, and investigation that looked into the disappearance of Faizi as well as Skandaraj Navaratnam and Majeed Kayhan in 2012.

Although he was interviewed, the police closed the investigation in 2013, and had not reached a conclusion regarding the fate of the three men.

McArthur was charged with the first-degree murder of Majeed Kayhan in January, as well as Soroush Mahmudi and Dean Lisowick.

In February, he was also charged in the death of Skandaraj Navaratnam.

Toronto’s LGBT+ community has demanded an investigation into the police’s review of the case.

An external review into how the police investigated the case has been reviewed by the city’s police board.

In a desperate bid to identify one victim, the force decided to release a ‘cleaned up version’ of an image McArthur had kept of him in a bid to discover who he was.