Lip tattoos: All the bizarre things people get tattooed on their inner lip from sad kitties to dinosaurs

Remember when Miley Cyrus got a sad kitty tattoo inside her mouth, on the inside of her lower lip? Well, other people got tattoos inside their mouths, too.

Why? We don’t know. For fun? For secret tattoo kicks? Doesn’t matter. If you’re thinking about getting an inner lip tattoo, we’ve trawled Instagram for some of our favourite designs.

But first, some brief information on lip tats…

Tattoo enthusiasts at 2013 Sydney Tattoo Body Art Expo (Getty)

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They won’t last forever – the skin inside your mouth repairs very quickly. Ergo, when selecting your lip tattoo, you needn’t err on the side of caution.

Touch-ups are risky – we get it, you want to keep your tattoo looking fresh. However, touch-ups re-open old wounds, and skin is more sensitive the second or third time.

As inner lip tattoos technically need a lot of touching up, we’d recommend just letting it fade so you don’t get an infection. Some tattoo artists won’t even do inner lip tattoos because of the risk of infection.

Do your research – before getting a lip tattoo, do some research, go and see a professional and make sure you know what you need to know about aftercare.

We are not the world authority on tattoo aftercare and health – but we do know that the mouth is full of bacteria, which runs the risk of infection.

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Another cat head, for all the cat-loving lesbians out there (the two are, of course, inextricably linked)


“The devil is calling”


This one makes apologising to your mother far easier


Batman and a paper plane, obviously


Blinky, Pinky, Inky or Clyde? We reckon Inky


Because some people really love music


Does this belong to Jeff Goldblum?


Presumably this is medicinal marijuana


Put your favourite food in your mouth


For your typical tobacco pipe user


Smiley faces are fun and jolly


If you have a favourite continent, you can get that inked on your lip


We can’t quite make this one out…


No animals harmed


Getting tired of looking at inner lips yet?


One for all the PinkNews readers…


No thank you


Spare a thought for dentists because mouths are weird


Get your hometown skyline tattooed in your mouth. Unless your hometown is Hull. Or Basildon. Or most places in the UK


Imagine being this young


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So, there you have it: the latest alternative trend for tattoo dare devils.

Away from the inner lip (sorry, but we’ve exhausted that trend) tattoos have been used to bring the Orlando community together following the shooting atrocity.

Check out these remembrance tattoos in rainbow colours which were inked following the atrocity to mark the lives of those who passed.

They prove that love really does win.