This viral tweet telling gay people what they can’t wear has been torn apart

A post telling gay men without a smaller waist what they can and can’t wear has gone viral in a tidal wave of outrage.

The tweet said: “Dear gays with a waist larger than 32”, floral prints just aren’t for you sis.

“Just because Zara makes them in a XL doesn’t mean it’s for you,” he added.


The backlash was swift, upliftingly body-positive and filled with excellent shade.

One person responded with a tweet which mirrored the original post, starting with “Dear gays with waists over 32″” before adding: “Boys I better see you in shorts this summer.

“Bring out the speedos! Floral, pastel, patterned and TIGHT! I wanna see you in cut-offs! I wanna see you in designer and home made!


“Those florals from Zara have your name on them sis THICK BOYS IN SHORTS.”

Hell, yes.

Another wrote simply: “Well over a 32” waist and I look good in floral… so f**k you. Let people live.”


This was a common rebuke.

One person said: “*picks out floral print to go with my 40″ waist shorts*,” because as it turns out, people are confident enough in themselves not to have their clothing dictated to them by anyone.


Another laid it all out, writing: “IGNORANT. I can wear floral, I can wear stripes, I can wear what I please because I love my self enough to not let people like you get me down.

“Don’t be mad that when I wear floral I end up looking like a whole beautiful tree & you don’t .”


The Sarah Jessica Parker wondering meme was also well-used in the pursuit of rejecting this kind of body-shaming, with one user captioning it with: “As I sat in my floral print without a 32″ waist, I wondered… would I be left out of the Age of the Twink?”


This, of course, refers to The New York Times‘ article “Welcome to the Age of the Twink,” which has also prompted ridicule online.

Another person said: “I unironically love big guys beyond a 32” waist in floral prints, or any print honestly.


“Thick boys are the way.”

One commenter who refused to be cowed wrote: “Size 36 waist and still rockin the floral prints. #proudqueers”


Another said: “Trying to decide which floral print to wrap around my 36-inch waist tomorrow…”


And yet another person wrote, over and over again, that “we need a disney princess with a 32”+ waist that wears floral print from Zara’s.”


That would be great.

In the face of this backlash, the user behind the post – known to his followers only as “social ⚡suicide™” – defended the tweet and accused people responding with criticism of being “fake mad” at him.