Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness’ unlikely style icon? Baby Prince Louis

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness has found an unlikely fashion icon in recently christened Prince Louis.

The Netflix star and grooming expert told Entertainment Tonight that he was living for Kate Middleton using the same christening gown for all three of her children and that he wanted his own adult version of the royal garment.

Prince Louis was born on April 23 and, in keeping with the royal family tradition, he was christened quickly after his birth, on July 9.

Just like his siblings, Prince Louis wore a 2008 Angela Kelly gown that was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II.

Van Ness was initially discussing his plans to be the ring bearer at his Queer Eye co-star Karamo Brown’s wedding in the fall when the gown came up.

Brown told Entertainment Tonight he had asked Van Ness to be his best-mate, but that the grooming expert felt more enthused with the idea of playing ring-bearer.

“I said, ‘Do you want to be my best man?’ And he’s like, ‘No, I want to be your ring bearer, your little ring girl.’ I’m like, ‘OK, honey, you can be my ring girl, whatever you want,’” Brown said.


Van Ness is no stranger to wearing gowns himself (David Livingston/Getty)

Talking about Prince Louis’ gown, Van Ness said: “[…] did you see the christening gown? I have to say, Princess Kate [Middleton], like, yes, recycling fashion, thank you for giving me permission to recycle things.”

“I want a 31-year-old six-foot tall version of the christening gown. I need one!”

Surely, a style expert such as Van Ness would make it work.

However, the Queer Eye star confessed that unlike turning looks, wedding planning was not his strong suit. He says that his co-star Bobby Berk, design expert extraordinaire, was better suited to the job.

“I’ll help Bobby plan it, but honestly Bobby is really good at planning stuff. That’s, like, his forte,” said Van Ness.

He did offer to help, though, telling ET: “’Bobby, like, how can I support you? Let me know the Venmo code, like, I will. I totally got you on this or like I could do a hotels reservation just cut me off a chunk of it, Bobby.’”

Prince Louis: newborn royal and already a fashion icon (Dominic Lipinski/Getty)

As for Prince Louis’ get up, it’s royal family tradition for children to be christened in the same gown and he was the sixth child to wear it.

Queen Victoria started it all in 1841 when she commissioned the gown for her daughter, Princess Victoria.

In total, 62 royal kids were christened in the Victorian gown, including Prince Harry and Prince William. But in 2004, the original gown was deemed to fragile to use and a replica was commissioned for the future generations of royals.