Meet the gay identical Iraqi twins smashing stereotypes

The Zakar twins are identical gay Iraqi siblings Michael and Zach, who call each other “wombmates.”

“Our content is something that really hasn’t been seen before because we’re showcasing a different light on Middle Eastern men,” Zach told PinkNews.

“People say, we’re too much, we’re too loud and Iraqis shouldn’t be that way.”

The pair have amassed over 60,000 Instagram followers smashing stereotypes of what it means to be an twin and Iraqi.

When they came out, their mum reacted by “throwing holy water” on the twins but their relationship has since improved as they “found a middle ground.”

While there are many followers who are “people who have been through the same thing,” showing them love and support, they do receive “some hate online.”

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Zach explained that they sometimes face criticism from their Iraqi community.

He said: “I think one of the biggest issues in the Iraqi is that they want to be accepted in America through immigration and what-not and they can’t accept their own gay brothers or sisters.”

Michael added: “We’re almost an embarrassment, we get that a lot from the Iraqi community.

“So how do you want us to accept you if you can’t accept us? It’s a balance.”

In so many ways, these two have all the traits so typically associated with twin brothers. They spend a lot of time together and hang out like most brothers. Likewise, they don’t shy away from bringing up a story about the other from earlier in life in an attempt to embarrass them.

“We’re out and we’re proud.” (Instagram/zakartwins)

Poking fun at each other for their “type” of guy, Zach describes Michael as the “pretty woman” type. In turn, Michael refers to Zach as a “Disney princess” for falling in love so quickly.

The Zakar twins have released a book, Pray The Gay Away, about their coming out stories.