Dr Pepper may have just come out as queer – and revealed its favourite sex position

Dr Pepper has come out as queer and vers, according to a seemingly real advert from the soft drink.

In the campaign, the drink – which is owned by Coca-Cola – is shown posing as a “top” and “bottom” before showing its full self above the word “Vers.” The slogan below reads: “A queer drink for diverse drinkers.”

It wouldn’t be the first time the company has targeted LGBT+ customers – earlier this year, Coca-Cola ran a TV advert during the Super Bowl which featured a lesbian couple and non-binary person.

Now you know Dr Pepper’s preferences, we guess (roadhogmainOW/reddit)

But this latest advert – which was reportedly seen in a Swedish gay magazine – has split public opinion right down the middle.

A tweet which has gone viral with an image of the advert was posted with the message: “I think the f**k not,” below which the tweeter added: Not sure whether this is eyeroll or anger territory but it certainly is *bad.*

“So queer, so Vers, so kooky .”

“Finally an ad that caters to me, a sexual can of Dr Pepper,” wrote another critic.

One tweeter said: “Dr.Peppers breaks into your room, goes right to your face, gets close to your ear, and whispers: ‘Kinks.

“‘Anyway, could you tell all the kids who do the LGBTQIA to give us their money?'”

One person drew a comparison with if Dr Pepper had targeted a race, writing: “It’s like if they advertised to south Asian people with ‘curry… am I right?

The non-binary person in Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl advert (YouTube/coca-cola)

“‘Let us banghra dance to the local bollywood cinema… haha, we’re diverse.'”

Others pointed out that mistakes had been made with the can’s positioning.

“Also where this is wrong is that while it’s the bottom of the can it actually goes into the top of the can and vice VERSa it’s confusing,” one tweeter said, pun – we assume – fully intended.

But some thought the ad was cheeky in just the right way, with one person saying: “I disagree. I find this cute, unexpected and a genuine attempt at connecting with our community (as much as a corporate advertisement can be).

“I also find it gutsy as hell, it’s pretty sexual and to the point, so I give them much credit.”

Another wrote: “Hilarious though! A company did this! ”

Coca-Cola has not yet responded to a request for comment.

In 2014, Coca-Cola attracted criticism when it banned customers from printing ‘gay,’ ‘homo’ or ‘dyke’ on the side of custom bottles.

The lesbian couple in Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad (YouTube/coca-cola)

But just weeks later, the company broke new ground by creating the first Super Bowl ad to feature same-sex parents.

Called “America the Beautiful,” it included two gay dads and their daughter.

The siblings fought for the pool man’s attention (YouTube/coca-cola)

And last year, the company released an ad in which a brother and sister fought each other to give the hunky pool man a coke – only to be beaten to the punch by their mother.