Aunt turns down gay wedding invite over ‘Christian values’, gets absolutely owned in savage text

One Twitter user’s response to an aunt declining a wedding invite to his gay wedding—because of her “Christian values”—has gone viral.

The social media user, known only as TheDPGay, who is based in Atlanta, Georgia, posted a screenshot of his aunt refusing an invite to his and his partner’s marriage ceremony, adding the caption: “When your ‘Christian’ family won’t RSVP to your gay wedding.”

In the text, the aunt wrote: “I love you very much but as a Christian we won’t be able to celebrate this occasion. Please know you have always been extra special to me & always will be. You are daily in my prayers.”


TheDPGay, however, decided not to take no for an answer—accusing his aunt of cherry picking when she decided to conform to her “Christian values.”

“Thank you for responding and not being cowardly like others in my mom and dad’s family,” TheDPGay wrote.

“It’s unfortunate you decided to act on your ‘Christian Values’ on my wedding day and didn’t act on them when you had an abortion in Tennessee. It’s amazing how selective your Christian values decide to be.

TheDPGay posted a screenshot of their aunt refusing a gay wedding invite. (TheDPGay/Twitter)

“I thought you were the one person in the family who would love your neighbour as yourself and to judge not, that ye shall not be judged.

“But, I guess maybe you’re not using those values today.”

TheDPGay’s tweet has so far been “liked” more than 280,000 times and re-tweeted by more than 70,000 people.

TheDPGay’s reply has gone viral. (TheDPGay/Twitter)

In a later post, TheDPGay said: “I hate to break it to everyone, but unfortuantely, she didn’t respond. I had more tea to drag the f**k out of her, but I guess that won’t be needed ”

Awkward Thanksgiving

And, in a later tweet, TheDPGay posted a screenshot of his mom’s response to the aunt turning down the invite, alongside the caption: “Even my mom is so done with her sister Thanksgiving is going to be .”

Responding to TheDPGay’s text, the mom responded: “Nicely done.”

Progressive Christians have also responded on social media, saying they would happily go to TheDPGay’s wedding.

“I’m a Christian and I stand with this 110% my love. I will come to your wedding send me an invite and will be there to spread love and positivity on your day which you both deserve to be treated as royalty and nothing less,” one wrote. “Love you both and congratulations!!”

Another said: “I’m a Christian. I was taught to love all. My twin brother is gay. I can’t freaking WAIT to go to his wedding!”

Speaking to PinkNews, TheDPGay, who wanted to remain anonymous, explained how he phoned his mom after his aunt’s response “because I was upset and she told me to sit and think about how to respond.”

He continued: “Since she weaponised her Christianity to hide behind her homophobia and bigotry, I decided to throw her hypocrisy in her face.

“It felt so good after doing it because my mom said that everyone who is going to go will love and support us.”

TheDPGay explained that he has cut off his aunt and his dad’s side of the family, who he said also don’t accept his sexuality, adding: “I refuse to spend my time and energy around people who aren’t 100 percent supportive of me.”