X Factor’s Lucy Spraggan ties the knot with wife – and Simon Cowell walks her down the aisle

images of Lucy Spraggan and Simon Cowell

Singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan was walked down the aisle by former The X Factor judge Simon Cowell at her wedding.

Spraggan, who was a contestant on UK reality show The X Factor in 2012, married photographer Emilia Smith, her friend of ten years. The pair got engaged in January, one month after making their relationship official. 

The 32-year-old ‘Tea and Toast’ singer was given away by Cowell while Spraggan’s Boston terrier Steve was by her side in a bowtie.

The trio walked down the aisle to Spraggan’s song “Other Sides of the Moon” which is dedicated to Smith.

Spraggan wore a bespoke white King and Allen three-piece suit while Smith wore a strapless white gown.

According to Hello, Spraggan shared: “Simon and I were standing outside the door and my song started playing. I was already crying, and Simon definitely had a tear in his eye.

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“I was linking arms with him but then I realised I was holding on to his arm. He kept saying, ‘You’re OK, you’re all right.’ Then when Emilia walked in with her dad I just sobbed.”

Smith added: “When I saw Lucy, it was everything I ever imagined and more. When I got to the top of the aisle Simon was looking at us both and he looked so proud, and so did my dad.”

Cowell told the outlet he was “very honoured” to walk Lucy Spraggan down the aisle at her wedding.

He continued: ”The best way of describing our relationship is that it feels like we’ve been friends for life.

“Being asked to walk her down the aisle made me realise the significance and importance of that role. And throughout the day, I was thinking even though it’s been a relatively short time, we do feel like family, and we share a very special bond.”

“I got to know Emilia as she and Lucy have spent quite a lot of time with me and my family. You can see they are true soul mates.

“The way they looked at each other during the ceremony and the whole day, was the true definition of happiness and love.

Spraggan added: “Everything people get from their fathers I get from Simon. He’s a constant support and he and Lauren constantly check in and make sure I’m ok.”

Her marriage to Smith was Spraggan’s second wedding. She separated from her ex-wife Georgina Gordon in 2019, after three years of marriage.

Lucy Spraggan and Emilia Smith’s wedding was also attended by actor Tom Turgoose, Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Bimini Bon-Boulash and reality TV star Adam Collard.

Spraggan has shared her friendship with Cowell has only got stronger in the years since her appearance on The X Factor in 2012 where she withdrew and finished in ninth place.  

Recently, Spraggan opened up about being sexually assaulted during the production of the ITV show and that was the real reason why she bowed out of the show.

Spraggan was assaulted by a hotel porter following a night out for fellow contestant Rylan Clark’s 24th birthday.

She explained that she felt let down by the way ITV handled the aftermath of the assault. She has since noted Cowell’s apology “healed a part of my being.”

Spraggan and Cowell have since grown close and she signed to his Syco publishing label.

Though the music mogul is close to Spraggan, many of his talent has turned their backs on him and allege mistreatment under his label.

Namely, Jedward have hit out against Cowell, accusing him of being a “mafia leader” of uncaring and exploitative conditions.

The identical twins, who appeared on The X Factor in 2009, continued: “Every contestant on the X Factor was a slave to the show and got paid zero while they made millions!”

Jedward alleged how incidents of “abuse” in the industry are buried by non-disclosure agreements, while managers “control the narrative” and security staff act as “baby sitters“.

“Eating disorders and depression are very common in the music industry and it’s ‘cuz nobody cares about the artist’s mental health!” they said. “Only the money!”

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